Maja Kuzmanovic

Maja Kuzmanovic is a transdisciplinary artist, experience designer, writer, speaker and process facilitator with a fondness for contemplation, cultivation and futurecrafting. In recent years, her embodied experience of living with uncertainty became the core of her creative practice. Maja founded FoAM as a department of Starlab in 2000. She co-founded and supported the development of different FoAM studios. She currently operates nomadically as part of FoAM Earth and acts as a steward and principal invigorator of the FoAM network. Maja's role at FoAM, her particular approach to people and technology has been recognised by the MIT's Technology Review and the World Economic Forum, awarding her the titles of Top 100 Young Innovator and Young Global Leader. Her academic background is in design futures, storytelling, interactive media and transdisciplinary leadership.


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