Tasting Tomorrow: Fieldwork

In 'Tasting tomorrow’, FoAM explores food as a manifestation of European diversity. The exploration begins on Malta - a small island within the complex archipelago of European food cultures. Nik Gaffney and Maja Kuzmanovic commence their fieldwork by taking the plunge into Maltese tastes and scents. The colours and sounds of the markets. The scent of the sea. The texture of the soil. The tastes of a hearty meal. Their fieldwork culminates in a conversation about the relationships between food, culture and technology on the island and within wider contexts. Together with local experts and enthusiasts they will map out Maltese food-systems and uncover emerging signals of possible futures. The fieldwork will form the basis for a futuring exercise and pre-enactment in the spring.

Documentation of the collaborative exercise can be found on the Libarynth.

Tasting tomorrow is part of the Presents of the Future Programme curated by Time's Up,

Location: Xrobb L-ghagin Nature Park and Sustainable Development Centre