Penelopean robotics (part 2)

Penelopean robotics are about rebuilding technology in the woven cosmos. Our aims are to: (1) Embody Penelopean technological practice - they should be easily undone (taken apart) so they can be understandable, self documenting and repairable. (2) They are not automated looms, but must eventually be capable of weaving in some form, maybe by interacting with ancient Greek weaving technology. (3) Capable of embodying elements of ancient Greek poetry and dance, perhaps via livecoding. (4) Be constructed in the spirit of Simone Giertz rather than Boston dynamics

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Penelopean robotics theory and the woven cosmos (part 1)

The Penelope project is concerned with many things, pattern structures in ancient poetry, comparisons of Andean and Greek mathematics, and the role of liveness in thought processes - to name just a few. We can also add robotics to this list.


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