Voicing the dawn

In this reflection on rewilding my professional life through experiments with birdsong, I meander through the structure of dawn chorus, my research on birdsong in composition and some ideas for my new work Gardez La Distance, alongside personal thoughts on living and working with nature, linking sound, habitat and physiology of the time and place.

Multi-Species Sward App

A system to make it easier for farmers to grow and monitor multi-species swards for more sustainable farming, increasing pollinator diversity, improving soil, and resulting in healthier livestock and less veterinary medication.


The AccessLab project aims to improve access to and the judgement of scientific information, through direct citizen-scientist pairings.

Future of the Delta

A fieldwork team investigates future perspectives of the Dutch delta region from a multi-species perspective. Can the effort of looking from their vantage-points open up space for new insights, dee...

Certainty Ltd.

Certainty Ltd. is a clinic, consultancy and civic outpost for individuals and collectives dealing with problems caused by excess certainty. We provide essential services including critical uncertai...

Feral Livelihood Coaching Collective

The Feral Livelihood Coaching Collective is a small translocal team of artists, designers and ecologists who decided to take up the challenge and intrigue of coaching in our own communities.

A Gathering Of Ghosts (Rooted Hauntology Lab - Séance #2)

We live in a haunted world. By inhabiting this ghostliness we may recognize a different proximity to each other and what surrounds us.

Hosting and Process Facilitation

As process facilitators, we guide groups of people to effectively work together. Facilitation is particularly valuable for tackling complex issues through dialogue and co-creation in participatory ...

"Fungi make worlds..."

"...They also unmake them"

Open call for a non-executive director

We are looking to appoint a Non-Executive Director for the FoAM Kernow studio for one year, to build our new advisory team.

Delta Casus

First results from the field exploration of the multi-species futures in the Dutch river delta region, on invitation by the Embassy of the North-sea.

FoAM digest - Autumn 02020

As this atypical summer in the Northern hemisphere draws to a close, we thought it timely to share what's been on our minds and in the works. To let you know how we've been, what we'...