As systems crumble...

Ever since the Yugoslav war in the 1990s, I've got border issues. When the borders began closing in response to the Covid-19 pandemic I had a strong sense of déjà vu. Will the pandemic become yet another catalyst for violence and fragmentation? Just another reason to solidify borders and create distance from the other, the foreign, the uncanny and the unknown?

Future of the Delta

A fieldwork team investigates future perspectives of the Dutch delta region from a multi-species perspective. Can the effort of looking from their vantage-points open up space for new insights, deepen our empathy for the aquatic world and the creatures of wet, dry and intertidal worlds?


Viruscraft is a research project combining tangible interfaces, craft and computer games to explore how viruses jump from one host species to another, working with Dr. Ben Longdon and Dr. Ben Ashby.

Feral Livelihood Coaching Collective

The Feral Livelihood Coaching Collective is a small translocal team of artists, designers and ecologists who decided to take up the challenge and intrigue of coaching in our own communities.

Sonic Kayaks

The Sonic Kayak is a musical and scientific instrument with which to investigate nature. Kayaks rigged with underwater environmental sensors generate live music from the marine world, providing the...

Rooted Hauntology Lab

Rooted Hauntology Co-working Lab is a research trajectory looking at the (im)possibility of collaboration between humans and plants.

Multi-Species Sward App

A system to make it easier for farmers to grow multi-species swards for more sustainable farming, increasing pollinator diversity, improving soil, and resulting in healthier livestock and less vete...

Spectres in change

Spectres in change is an artistic investigation reflecting on acute planetary challenges of the present against complex historical trajectories, on the island of Seili in the Archipelago Sea. Sever...

1000 portals

In the past few weeks I went to the park everyday, and pretend it's a beautiful forest.

I found some interesting insertion points to re-connect with this environment. I guess everybody is equip...

Gardening in Isolation

The last months in isolation in Italy have provided a time to seed, watch, grow, and transform. This post is an homage to the seeding done during the pandemic and the harvest from these seeds of hope.

Sonic Kayak environmental data sonification

Results from our survey - an attempt at developing our environmental data sonification approach to be both enjoyable but also interpretable.

Some practices for uncertainty

Some practices that contribute to my overall well being in the midst of high levels of uncertainty.