AccessLab Penzance - notes from the event

In July we ran an AccessLab in Penzance (UK), for people who work in marine and fishing sectors. This event was the first of three AccessLabs for 2018, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and in partnership with the British Science Association (BSA). This blog post is to document the format changes made, feedback received, and notes for future iterations.

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Penelopean robotics (part 2)

Penelopean robotics are about rebuilding technology in the woven cosmos. Our aims are to: (1) Embody Penelopean technological practice - they should be easily undone (taken apart) so they can be understandable, self documenting and repairable. (2) They are not automated looms, but must eventually be capable of weaving in some form, maybe by interacting with ancient Greek weaving technology. (3) Capable of embodying elements of ancient Greek poetry and dance, perhaps via livecoding. (4) Be constructed in the spirit of Simone Giertz rather than Boston dynamics

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