Symbai is a project in collaboration with Dr Shakti Lamba who studies the evolution of sociality and culture in humans. She collects detailed networks of knowledge and prestige in villages of different cultural backgrounds in rural India. Symbai is a solar powered Raspberry Pi/Android anthropological research tool allowing Shakti and her field assistants to work collaboratively in areas with no power or internet connectivity.

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Butterfly Mimicry Game

How do butterfly wing patterns evolve? The Heliconius Butterfly Wing Pattern Evolver is a game where you take the role of a hungry bird and drive the evolution of an edible species to mimic the patterns of a toxic species. The game is based on genetic models used by the researchers at Cambridge University and was commisioned for use at the 2014 Royal Society Summer Exhibition in London.

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A mini-language for live coding pattern, tidalcycles is for making music (among other patterned experiences) in terms of repetition, symmetry, interference and deviation. It's a free/open source and is used by people around the world to make music from text.


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