Viruscraft is a research project combining tangible interfaces, craft and computer games to explore how viruses jump from one host species to another, working with Dr. Ben Longdon and Dr. Ben Ashby.


The AccessLab project aims to improve access to and the judgement of scientific information, through direct citizen-scientist pairings.


Resonances is a series of sonic propositions. Listening to the sounds of the Earth unfolding at different timescales. Attuning to matter in its myriad forms and flows. Paying attention to a multitude of voices, omnipresent but often too quiet to notice amidst the noise of human activity. We explore places where these quiet multitudes can still be heard and interlace disparate voices into new sonic yarns.

Sonic Kayaks

The Sonic Kayak is a musical and scientific instrument with which to investigate nature. Kayaks rigged with underwater environmental sensors generate live music from the marine world, providing the paddler with an extra dimension of senses with which to explore the underwater climate, while enabling citizens to gather important climate/environmental data.

Future of the Delta

A fieldwork team investigates future perspectives of the Dutch delta region from a multi-species perspective. Can the effort of looking from their vantage-points open up space for new insights, deepen our empathy for the aquatic world and the creatures of wet, dry and intertidal worlds?

Play, Learn & Discover

Here are all our free educational games and online citizen science projects together in one place! You can play these to learn about biology, evolution and other scientific topics, as well as helping researchers carry out scientific experiments and discover more about how the world works.

Institute for Experiments with Business

The Institute for Experiments with Business (Ibex) is an emergent research entity, situated within the FoAM network. Its interest is to collect, conduct and report on experiments in and with business, including new and wild takes on organisational staples such as budgets, contracts, organisational form, business coaching and the business plan.

Machine Wilderness - ARTIS

An artist-in-residency programme at ARTIS Royal Zoo in Amsterdam, exploring how human technologies can be developed from an inclusive perspective. Could our technologies be technologies of environmental empathy, kinship and solidarity? Could other species be 'co-authors' and/or beneficiaries?