Resonances is a series of sonic propositions. Listening to the sounds of the Earth unfolding at different timescales. Attuning to matter in its myriad forms and flows. Paying attention to a multitude of voices, omnipresent but often too quiet to notice amidst the noise of human activity. We[1] explore places where these quiet multitudes can still be heard and interlace disparate voices into new sonic yarns.

In an ongoing process of collecting, reflecting and reshaping the oscillations of earthbound entities, soundscapes emerge from field recordings and synthesis. They celebrate the subtle differences in the perpetual conversations of life talking amongst itself – expanded, contracted, convoluted and enfolded. This process demands a deepening of our capacity for receptive awareness, so we can be touched by vibrations of things already present, the imminent always of life. Our bodies become antennas or listening devices or perhaps just human-sized resonance chambers and waveguides. The exo-nervous systems of connected technologies extend our ears to the size of the Earth, multiplying them with plant ears, insect ears, ears made of dust or aeroplankton antennae.

The soundscapes suggest varied entanglements with animate, inanimate and partially animate critters inhabiting the world; with the Earth as a living instrument, audience and composition. We[1] compose with/by/for the beings and phenomena we encounter, such a flock of ravens, humans or machines, a drought or an earthquake. We incorporate the compositions into immersive experiences, installations or contemplative spaces in and around urban environments. They are tokens of acknowledgement and appreciation, meant to be engaged, shared and passed on. Composted, dismembered and transformed into lived experience, long after we're[1] gone. Increasing the porousness of *-scapes. From the space between the cells to the space between the stars.

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Question your teaspoons. —Georges Perec

  • we[0] – pre/post/human
  • we[1] – foam_earth