Teaching technology in 2019

For the last couple of years I've been doing sporadic teaching of electronics and programming for undergraduates and masters students across a couple of courses in my local university. This has taken the form of one on one teaching a day a week in the spring term, in a basement cupboard sized room with a soldering iron and piles of components. Students book up half an hour blocks of time ...

When the cloud doesn't work - privacy & agricultural information in the Farm Crap App

The latest version of the Farm Crap App is currently undergoing final testing by agronomists and farmers before a new release in the autumn (let us know if you would like to take part in the beta testing). This version sees a gigantic increase in the amount of different crops and manures it contains, and the vast majority of the RB209 guide is now represented, so it is very satisfying ...

FoAM Kernow accounting update 2019, the "Making Tax Digital" edition.

One of our biggest (and unfortunately entirely unpaid) research projects is administration. Accounting in particular is interesting from a range of angles, as a kind of cultural probe into the current state of what society considers important - but also as seemingly the single thing that very powerful white men loose lots of sleep over.

Recently the UK Government decided to require all companies to issue their VAT tax returns, and ...

Communicating through Silence

"...is Media. And media is how people express and communicate. Your voice is a medium, writing is a medium, art and video and... Yes, even poking someone repeatedly or jumping up and down or twitching your eyes in a pattern can be using a medium - your body - to communicate." from Plural of Medium by Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone

This post is about medium of silence and photography.

White Mountain Future Search

Mount Kilimanjaro is the green centre of an increasingly desertifying savannah landscape. The Maasai are its traditional inhabitants and have gathered to form a united vision of a future for their landscape.

Deep Steward

When landscape appeared in European art it emerged first as a landscape of symbols. The Gothic depiction of Earth was populated with features that were primarily there as convenient symbols for a narrative. Now that landscape emerges in artificial neural networks, they seem to emerge as a landscape of commodity. DeepSteward looks for ways to let machines develop their own taxonomies: a deep bestiary..

Innovation: Taking Risks or Making Risks?

We were recently invited by Michka Mélo to talk about complexity, uncertainty and possible futures in the context of innovation at EPFL - École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. We had the pleasure of meeting the students, engineers and entrepreneurs to share our thoughts and experiences of in the form of a lecture performance and a "playshop". The text from the lecture has been published on medium and on our website.

Witnessing care

A short reflection on working within palliative daycare centre Topaz Brussels in collaboration with body voice practice Oracle as part of In/Finity project.

Animal Property Rights, Totems and Zoöps

In “Animal Property Rights, a theory of habitat rights for wild animals” John Hadley explores if animal territories could form the basis of an alternative approach to conservation and potentially even a way to bridge the sometimes bitter divide between animal rights advocates and environmentalists. Who center intrinsic value either on individual organisms or on biomes. Hadley sees how territory might form a bridge between the two.

Karin Johansson's Sonic Kayak MSc placement

This post is a summary of Karin Johansson's MSc placement at FoAM Kernow on the Sonic Kayak project. The Sonic Kayaks are currently being modified for use for people with visual impairments. Karin helped develop and test an evaluation approach that can be used in future to look at whether the Sonic Kayaks offer wellbeing benefits to the paddlers.

AccessLab futures workshop

The AccessLab project has been a series of five workshops, aimed at decentralising research skills, encouraging open access, and building local communities. As the funding draws to a close, we ended by bringing participants back together for a scoping workshop to decide on possible future paths for the project. This is a brief write-up of the main outputs from the scoping workshop.

How to submit a UK VAT return if you are a strange organisation

As part of our continuing mission to promote and celebrate all forms of administration, we are publishing our UK VAT accounting procedure. This is important if you are running an arts organisation, non-profit or independent research organisation (or all three in one glorious muddle, like we are) as this means your income is likely to be a mix of commercial and grant funding, making you partially exempt for VAT and ...

Invisible Worlds Residencies

Invisible Worlds Residencies were developed in 2018 as a collaboration between FoAM and the Eden Project, to explore phenomena beyond our senses: too vast, too small, too fast, too slow or too far away in space or time.

Another reply from a now resigned Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation

Our second reply in the series from Sam Gyimah MP arrived shortly before he announced his resignation from government. We've written a reply to be sent via our local MP anyway, although I doubt he will see it.

This letter I think perhaps gets us closer to the assumptions at the heart of a lot of UK policy, a surprisingly simplistic view that research is entirely something done by universities ...