MonsterCode StrandLAB

First public experiment in the MonsterCode research-line around Almere beach during the Summer Sessions at StrandLab Almere.

Convivia, refugia, not always everywhere

The way in which we engage with the world begins from those places we call home. This post is about forging homes in uncertain conditions and inhospitable circumstances. Homes as distributed convivia and networked refugia, shelters from the always everywhere of the Digital Age.

Becoming Realists of a Larger Reality

In one of her last public speeches Ursula K. Le Guin called for "realists of a larger reality". She underlined why we need people "who can see alternatives to how we live now." Seven years later, we find ourselves part of a pandemic-ridden world, coexisting amidst a myriad of fears, hopes, uncertainties and change. The shrill demands for a 'return to normal’ continue. Yet how ’realistic’ are these demands? What …

Viruscraft evaluation and ask-me-anything

Evaluation of the viruscraft game - what do people learn from playing it, and does it result in any misunderstandings? Also a summary of questions and answers from our virus Ask-Me-Anything session.

The Evidence Support Initiative launch

We’ve been awarded seed funding to pilot a new system to encourage and facilitate scientific researchers to work with their local councils, providing on-demand advice on scientific issues to fit the needs of councillors, and perhaps also passing on the skills to find and use scientific information.

Tiny Mining

Joining the Tiny Mining sweatshop led by Martin Howse as a mineral exploration of the interior of the human body for rare earth and other mineral resources.

Start from not knowing...

When engaging with art, AI and everything else, start from not knowing, start from where you are. A suggestion, a talk, and a series of questions for the 20th anniversary of the Art Centre Nabi.

Comment bien démanteler ?

This article shares ideas and thinkers trying to figure out how to appropriately dismantle life-destroying extractive industries and economic activity.