A Wabi-sabi Guide

Introduction to FoAM's edited reader and guide to the wabi-sabi route, which dwells with the transient, incomplete, and unnoticed.

This route allows you to wander and observe. Watching, abiding, it’s a chance to defer the temptation to intervene, and let things unfold. An invitation to seek out places of enchantment and seclusion, it can support reflection on transitions, liminality, and the often neglected art of bringing things to an end.



The Exquisite & The Liminal. 侘び寂び moods & textures, where matter records its own weathering. Worlds abide in the humble and mundane, with hints of becoming otherwise.


Stillness. Stills from a world in motion. Seeking out that which hides in shadows, flickers in refractions.


Where the Fireflies Glowed and Flickered. Behind the Big Wooden Buddha Temple in a Summer Long Ago, and Other Lights in Other Years Blinked in the Liquid Darkness.

In Shadow

In Shadow. A visual essay with selected quotes from Jun'ichirō Tanizaki’s In Praise of Shadows.

Warping Time Frames

Warping Time Frames. Arrows and circles, warps and whorls; instances of movement from linear time to something else.

Times Like These

Times Like These. Spotlighting alternative temporal orders, where gridded time loosens or breaks; spaces and situations beyond the reach of the clock.

Not Knowing

The Dance of Not-Knowing. Cultivating beginner’s mind in a thickening present.


Fallowing. A regenerative practice benefiting fields, bodies and networks.


Lying Flat. Tangpingism, a movement encouraging its proponents to lay flat.


Planning with the Seasons. An experiment in de-homogenising working time.


Traversing Transitions. Navigating the liminal and the in-between.


Timelesness. An impressionistic collage on timelessness, time unbinding, and the experience of being outside time.

Crafts of Noticing

Crafts of Noticing. Immersive, multisensory practices for being-in-the-world

The House is Haunted by Itself

The House is Haunted by Itself. Moving, Still. A call to partake in the radical act of noticing.

Just as it is

Seeing Just as It Is. Meditating on a noisy, impermanent world.

Upon Arrival

Upon Arrival. Practices for landing, lingering, and leaving.

Performing the Unknown

Performing the Unknown. Human skins moved by the myriad skins of the Earth.

A Spectral Ocular

A Spectral Ocular. Making an instrument to colour the world anew.

Walk with me

Walk with me. You must exchange your feet with your hands.

Dwelling on rocks

Dwelling on Rocks. Geomantic sensing and sensemaking. Sifting through the noise of our mineral substrate.

Monster Code

Monster Code. Encoding millennia of human and elephant evolution in Amsterdam West.

Becoming Birdlike

Becoming Birdlike. Birdsong as a creative resource, enriching humans’ musical ideas and listening capabilities.


Vernacular Magic. Words become amulets. We chant and become enchanted.

Figments of Affordable Mysticism

Figments of Affordable Mysticism. Accessible occult technologies and other instruments of everyday resistance.

Re-enchanting the present

Re-enchanting the Present. Animating non-modern sensibilities of magic and ritual. From static matter to a space of operation. ∆[∆]]

Bubble World

A World Replete. The bubble as double agent, a symbol of existential uncertainty and a trope of playfulness.

Silent Dialogues

Approaching the Inexplicable. Eyes in the place of eyes, ears in the place of ears, tongues tasting chemical gradients across a fungal network of thread-like cells.


Hexecutable # query sibylline. Through iterative generative processes, visions from three of antiquity’s sibyls; Persia, Libica, and Delphica.

A Spell Kit

Spell Kit For Navigating Uncertainty. A set of navigational instruments to accompany spellwork.


Portals. Crossing thresholds with the care they deserve.

Panpsychic propositions

Panpsychist Propositions. Or "How the terms ‘mind’ and ‘matter’ are abstractions which in their concreteness are identical."


Weatherlore. With our ears to the ground, following stories and sayings about the weather.

Otherworlds Oozing

Otherworlds Oozing. Glimpses of the mythical amidst the mundane.

Convivia & Refugia

Convivia & Refugia. Making places for connection, imagination and transformation.


Cornerstone of the Outer Monastery. A manifesto, a pattern language, generative guidelines for a network to come.

Isolation Training

Isolation Training. Locked down, cast out, alone and together, together and alone.

Art of Something Larger

Art of Something Larger. Museums, galleries, theatres and other arts organisations as refuges amidst cultural dissonance and social upheaval.

Ties, bonds, grips

Ties, Bonds, Grips. Things to cling to.

Being with

Being with. To care, to cure, to comfort, without intervening; helping cope, regardless of the situation.


To care, with care, for care. To care for someone is to allow yourself to be touched.

Making disease matter

Making Dis-ease Matter. Transforming the pain and discomfort of chemotherapy into a Tibetan singing bowl.


Rituales para mi corazón. Rituals for my heart

Beyond the spoken

Beyond the Spoken. Notes from a year in transience. A letter to desire.


Repair! Restoring and revitalising damaged objects, systems, structures.

Death and gardening

Death and Gardening. The individual disintegrating into the many.

Conscious Closure

Conscious Closure. How to intentionally dissolve a studio.

Final Grumblings

Final Grumblings. The inevitable fade out.

Outside of time