Nik Gaffney

Nik Gaffney is a founding member of FoAM. He currently operates as a tangential generalist, sound artist, designer, programmer and sous-chef with a focus on long-term thinking, experiential futures and stochastic tinkering. His work has been presented at venues worldwide, including the Centre Pompidou, ICA, COP15, Ars Electronica, NTT-ICC, Iceland Design Center, Vooruit and Z33. Nik studied computer science, cognitive science and organic chemistry at the University of Adelaide. He prefers breadth-first-searches and bottom-up design; randomness as a strategy, and depth where required; dynamic to static; Lisp to C; realtime rather than recorded; and complexity over the complicated. He explores processes and artefacts emerging out of glitches, feedback and interconnectedness as part of farmersmanual, a multi-sensory disturbance conglomerate, working with network sonification, development of media generating neural networks and tools for distributed performances and remote collaboration. In 2014 he was awarded an honorary membership of the Cloud Appreciation Society for his photographs of Undulatus Asperatus.