Rocket Boat Day #1

Rocketboat Day promises a blend of backyard naval architecture and rocket science. Rocketboat Day #1 is to be a participatory event where people build little boats, power them with rocket engines and race them to see which one gets the furthest. The inaugural event will take place on a nice, calm bit of water somewhere in Brussels. Let's find out what happens when you attach a C6 model rocket engine to a boat made out of anything you can get your hands on. The cool breeze off the water will blow the sweet acrid smoke across your face like a lovers' caress. If you would like to join us. send an email to for details.

Rocketboat Day is an evolution of the established tradition of Rocketcar Day.

RBD1 is the concluding event of theSimpsons' Family in Residence and a part of Resilients project.