Family Residency Simpsons

FoAM’s family-in-residence for the Resilients is the Simpsons  (Mark, Lea, Scarlet and Delilah), living at FoAM Brussels for two weeks in June and July 2011. A resilient culture of the future might come to include children in the working lives of adults. For the duration of the residency, we look at how are FoAM’s daily activities influenced by the continuous presence of two little girls in the studio in Brussels. Their mother Lea is investigating diverse cultural libraries around the world and will descend on FoAM’s library as well. With Lea’s guidance, FoAM’s library should become more resilient as well as more open and shareable. The paterfamilias, Mark Simpson, explores possible post-space-age cultural mobility, where artists (as societal lab-rats) could be transported in rocket-powered vehicles. We began by having the artists design prototype rocket boats and unleash them on the Brussels Kanal.


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