Human Invasive Interaction

As part of the Grote woorden, kleine revoluties event at the Vooruit, FoAM hosts a scenario planning workshop based on speculative designer Lisa Ma’s collaboration with Timelab on Human Invasive Interaction (HII): journeys in making invasive plants and animals a unique local resource rather than an expensive nuisance in Ghent.

These journeys brought together the Naturtarians – a diversity of interested parties including urban foragers, tinkerers, hunters, city ecologists, scientists and chefs – to imagine ways we could close the loop between invasive species, urban ecology, your own dinner table, and possibly more…

FoAM facilitates the workshop using our participatory scenario planning method. Here our burning question concentrates on what Lisa Ma calls prototax – policies, monetary systems and municipal taxation in an era of citizen autonomy promoted by HII. The workshop explores the current situation of the HII economy as well as forces acting upon it, and concludes with a series of possible future scenarios and a discussion about the feasibility and desirability of these in Ghent and beyond.