International FoAM Open Studio

For the first time, all the FoAM studios are coming together in a joint open studio event in Cornwall, UK.

The evening will start with a short talk on FoAM from its founders, and then freefall into soundtracks from Dust & Shadow and Ephemeral Garden, Penelopean weaving to control a small swarm of robots, reading matter from Vegetable Lamb Press and Word Pharmacy, honey from Pietra Santa and Feral Trade cheese, videos and other miscellaneous propaganda.

Our Invisible Worlds residents will also be making a guest appearance with prototypes from their ongoing residencies, including Rosanna Martin (ceramics/geology), Till Bovermann/Katharina Hauke (cross-species experimental music) and Hoon Kim/Elizabeth Fortnum/Sean Meaden (fermenting samples, maybe a nanopore sequencer and some preliminary results!)

All are welcome, including children and dogs. Please send a quick email at to let us know you are coming, so we can keep an eye on the numbers. Limited drinks will be available - but you are also welcome to bring your own.