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Dust and shadow

Dust and shadow is FoAM Earth's contribution to a transdisciplinary research and residency programme at the ASU (Arizona State University), exploring environmental issues specific to the desert of the North-American Southwest. We combine philosophical inquiry with speculative design and action research to explore divergent approaches to desertification (both ecological and cultural), zombie-utopias, panpsychism, beyond-human relationships and probabilistic future preparedness.

Work in progress: on the libarynth

"Perhaps we’re after a humanist (or at least humane) view without anthropocentrism, balancing on a fine edge between social constructivism and social engineering. Moving from social contracts to a natural contract. From value to valuation (of matter, of ecology, of experience…). From sequential decisions to layered selections. From static matter to a space of operation. From the frame to framing. From facilitating to communing, catalysing and spawning. How do we decentre without falling into the abyss of nihilism? Finding a place of care, empathy and conviviality within the contemporary worlds. Increasing the porousness between interiority and exteriority. From the space between the cells to the space between the stars. Animism, animation, re-animation." (Field Notes)

In collaboration with The Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS), Laboratory of Critical Technics (LCT) and the Synthesis Lab of the Arizona State University (ASU). 

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