The overlooked and the unheard


FoAM's lecture performance in the Communal Loggia in Savičenta explores the quiet, liminal and often overlooked qualities of Istria. The event distills the region's unique sounds, images, scents and tastes that exist just below the horizon of attention, in the unheard voices and textures of Istrian summer. It provides an invitation to slow down and listen to the silent dialogues of beings living within, underneath and in-between the noise of human activities.The rustling of pine needles in the cool Maestral breeze. The unmoving presence of rocks, trees and cracked concrete. The defiant growth of fragrant weeds and the lazy slithering of reptiles. The dew just before dawn, insects chirping in the midday heat or the secretive conversations amongst the creatures of the night. When we let ourselves slow down and listen, we can uncover the many shapes of silence at the centre of the storm. When we take an occasional step back from the hectic pace of daily life, we can create stillness where it is most needed. In the middle of a stressful day, in the depths of grief or the turmoil of conflict.

We invite you to join us in a sensory celebration of the invisible, in a convivial atmosphere with human and other-than-human entities that inhabit the Istrian summer. Entrance is free.