Terra Fiction

At Coded Matter(s): Terra Fiction FIBER and De Brakke Grond invite speakers working in the fields of art, literature, science, design and digital culture to reassess man’s future relationship with the earth and the cosmos. Today, visionary artists and researchers are turning back to our earth to imagine futures that position humans and our technologies inside a more balanced ecology. Our programme presents alternative perspectives of what this future could look like. Speculative designers, art-scientists and writers will share their research and evolving ideas to challenge the big-tech model.

For Terra Fiction, FoAM Earth presents a lecture/performance where geological time, microbial contamination, non-corvid interaction, death and dying co-exist alongside audiovisual atmospheres from the Sonoran desert, Balkan forests and urban jungles. We'll delve into the mythic and sensual dimensions of panpsychism, where everything shares an elemental consciousness. What would be the implications of such a worldview for our lives on Earth and beyond? How do we respond to climate change, mass extinction/speciation or migration when we assume that the entire material bestiary has some form of sentience? What parallel arts, sciences and technologies become possible? How do we engage with a world in which all is animate?