Luminous Green Open Lab 2007

This evening we opened the doors of our lab to everyone who wanted to have a final taste of the first Luminous Green series. In the Luminous Green Open Lab, the differences between food and fuel, biology and electronics, organic and inorganic chemistry have all but collapsed. The participants discussed and showed the hands-on experiments developed during the Luminous Green Workshop, revisited some of the questions raised during the many discussions and celebrated the end of an intense and inspiring week. Visitors could experience our power-generating flower arrangements, solar panels printed with berry pulp and a small swarm of tiny robotic crickets. They could soil their hands with some old-school microscopy, or an emulsion of foodstuffs and electrodes. They added their bit to the discussions on personal fabrication, low-power computing, patterns, crafts and whole-systems thinking. The thirsty and hungry among us had a taste of our “wild, well travelled and leftover cuisine,” or have a sip from the bar serving FoAM’s famously shaken Luminous Green cocktails.