Rocket Boat Day #2

Rocketboat Day #2 promises a blend of backyard naval architecture, a tasty BBQ and rocket science. This event will be a participatory occasion where people build little boats, power them with rocket engines and race them to see which one gets the furthest. Let's all find out what happens when you attach a C6 model rocket engine to a boat made out of anything you can get your hands on. Enjoy the cool breeze off the water when it blows the sweet acrid smoke of rockets across your face like a lover's caress. If you like to watch, bring something to put on the BBQ and share with the others.

Rocketboat Day #2 is an evolution of the established tradition of Rocketcar Day. See the last Rocketboat Day at and see the prehistory of Rocketcar Day at

To reserve a place at the Rocketboat Day #2 workshop please contact