Luminous Green Panel at ISEA

The Luminous Green panel is an open discussion forum in which we will examine the five themes of ISEA2008 under the lens of environmental and social turbulence. Which elements of contemporary electronic arts can assist human cultures to adapt to turbulent and uncertain conditions? If we look at the problems of distribution of goods, people and information, can we learn from the robustness of distributed collaboration, so well represented in “wiki” culture and locative media. Awareness of resource consumption or could be greatly enhanced by multisensory mixed reality technologies. Gaming culture has a plethora of tools and techniques to engage players in demanding pursuits; some of these techniques can be further developed to raise awareness, knowledge and action in a playful, imaginative manner.

Climate Chaos is a global problem, which does not recognise national or economic borders. However, our “global society” is still riddled with border disputes, exclusions and conflicts; perhaps some of the “open re:source” models from software and electronic arts could offer interesting models for more inclusive trans-local societies, more apt for living in an environment of turbulence. During the discussion these topics will be examined from multiple points of view to examine the role we play in feisty planetary ecosystems.

With Maggie Buxton, Brian Degger, Nik Gaffney, Liesbeth Huybrechts, Maja Kuzmanovic, Marko Peljhan, Andrea Polli, Angelo Vermeulen and others…