Dark Arts, Grey Areas, and Other Contingencies (CPT.R7)

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Recast.Harvest Moon 02020 CE.

Scattered in the wind, leaves. “Works,” “Futility,” “Power,” “Interference,” “Art,” “The Star,” “Science,” “Worry,” “Wealth,” “Adjustment”. Arcane forces of change, creating contingencies, influencing our lives, affecting our livelihoods. How can we contend with these forces? Can we approach contemporary global economics and daily life in ways symbiotic with techniques from premodern (or paramodern) crafts of magic and ritual? Is a rewilding or remaking of techno-materialist methods possible? We may speak of invocation and communing, risk and protection, care and ruin. Dark arts for dark times, capable of transforming “the darkness of the tomb into the darkness of the womb”.