Real Code at Piksel 08 festival

Nik Gaffney and Maja Kuzmanovic will participate in the Real Code experiment at the Piksel Festival.

"real code [xxxxxatpiksel2008] aims to begin construction in Bergen of a new world operating system making use of material, language and descriptive means (aka. software). code relates both to a necessarily hidden communication system (world revelation, rationalism as an island) and to a novel way of examining the world. reflection is encouraged in both directions. sample activities, such as measurement of intensities, cutups, practical endophysics, real world disaster analysis and biologic intervention are proposed below for an event which builds and defines itself to some degree in isolation. Bergen thus becomes an island of magic composed of smaller islands (a fish farm, for example)."

As a part of FoAM’s series of Future prehearsals (inspired by ex-yu “Nothing Can Surprise Us” drills), they will conduct various experiments with food, flavours and expectations, in an environment filled with machinery and software, with little access to organic ingredients. The exercise assumes a small archipelago of is-lands in a post-disaster setting (with degrees of isolation and communication), using a variety of multi-coloured, -flavoured and -textured powders, locally available and hand-carried substances, a selection of collected recipes, measuring instruments, prepared with not much more than a microwave oven and electronic equipment.