Organic Abstraction


Unbound and deconstructed photo-book and instant exhibition. It can be viewed horizontally as a book and vertically as an exhibit – on walls, shelves, tables, or altars.

Collage Horizontal

Organic Abstraction is designed for use in intimate settings – living rooms, hospital rooms, contemplative spaces. While it can be seen as an art object that can be enjoyed by diverse audiences, it is first and foremost a gift for people we care about, and especially for those confined indoors (by weather, illness, conflict...). Designed during the early Covid 2019 lockdowns, Organic Abstraction acts as a reminder of wondrous yet easily overlooked lifeworlds existing in mundane surroundings; under our feet, around the corner, in the liminal spaces on the periphery of perception. Beings and landscapes that exist on scales other than human.

Collage Vertical

The photos were taken over two decades by three people practicing the 'craft of noticing' in their immediate surroundings. The artists's intention is to re-enchant the present by being attentive to animate matter that permeates all life – hinting at Hildegard von Bingen's viriditas, or Japanese kami.

OA cover detail

This fascicle blurs boundaries between individual authors, between figurative & abstract, realism & impressionism, micro & macro scales. Ambiguity in this collection is a deliberate choice. Each fascicle contains a unique selection of several loose visual hand-cut cahiers in a custom designed slip case.


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