Machine Wilderness - ARTIS

In this artist-in-residency at ARTIS Royal Zoo in Amsterdam some 7 artists and designers will develop an experiment or research project in a public setting.

Machine Wilderness explores how human technologies - that have come to dominate environmental processes and wild populations so dramatically - can be developed from an inclusive perspective. Could our technologies be technologies of environmental empathy, kinship and solidarity? Could other species be 'co-authors' and/or beneficiaries? This is motivated by a growing sense of ecological urgency, but also by curiosity, because on a planet with millions of different species the human-centric narrative is getting exceedingly boring, if not unjust.

Participants in this residency programme work on such topics in very different ways and their exploration can have many kinds of outcomes. Each residency is several weeks in duration and ends with a presentation of the experiences, findings and new questions the participants encountered. The research is done among the public in the Zoo, with specific public moments which will be announced.

The programme was originally going to run from April 12th 2020 until the closing event on October 18 2020 but will be shifted to 2021. The program remains the same, with talks, demos and experiments and is organised by FoAM in collaboration with Zone2Source, ARTIS Royal Zoo and ARTIS academy.

Residents: Heather Barnett, Ian Ingram, Spela Petric, Driessens/Verstappen, Ivan Henriques, Antti Tenetz and Thomas Thwaites.

Student programmes lead by: Cocky Eek (ArtScience), Clemens Driessen (WUR), Ivan Henriques (Willem de Kooning)