Improving Reality

How are artists, technologists & writers subverting our notion of reality?

Lighthouse's digital culture conference, Improving Reality, is returning for a third year this September. Expect tours through worlds that artists are growing rather than making, critical revelations of the systems and infrastructures that shape our world, and narratives of radical alternative futures. FoAM's Maja Kuzmanovic will join a group of major thinkers such as Keller Easterling, artist and synthetic biologist, Daisy Ginsberg, and gonzo futurist, Justin Pickard to speak  at this years conference..

Here's a summary of what Maja is talking about:

The process of reimagining requires being aware of what is, what has gone before and attempts to answer the tricky questions of "what if..." At FoAM we create real life labs to explore these questions using methods such as future pre-enactments and alternate reality narratives, attempting to transform speculative fiction into embodied foresight. As the loops between imagination and reality can be either tightened or unwound, reimagining becomes a heuristic process of perpetually walking into a swarm of possible futures, immersing ourselves in what might be and finding ways to thrive in conditions of uncertainty.