TryAdd with Vali Lalioti

FoAM is pleased to announce an evening of growth, inspiration and resilient networking in conjunction with Vali Lalioti, FoAM's coach, professor in leadership and co-founder of CoachFirst International. This event combines FoAM’s Resilients Salons with the peer-coaching method TryAdd. You can book your place for this unique opportunity to JustGrow at

We start at 5:30 pm and spend an hour and a half in triads practicing a skill we would like to develop. Facilitated by Vali, we take turns in roles of practising, receiving and observing. This peer-coaching process ranks consistently as best continuous development method among coaches and professionals, and is used internally by organisations such as the BBC for personal and professional growth.

This is followed by a Resilient Salon presented by Julian Still from 8:00 to 9:30 pm, ending with informal networking over delicious snacks and drinks.

Julian Still is COO and leads us into the heart of complex systems, illustrating his voyages as systemic practitioner and his continuing mission to explore strange new world and help them evolve. More on Julian's intervention here.

Register and book your place for the whole evening or just for the Resilient Salon at The whole evening will cost €55 and includes a soup, snacks and a drink. To attend only the Resilient Salon will be €10 which includes snacks and a drink.