Gro World – Burning Man Festival

This event has passed

This work wishes to inspire discussions about the decrease of the global bio-diversity, due to the practices of transnational ‘life industries’. These industries range from pharmaceutical to agricultural, dealing with genetic manipulation of human, animal and plant cells, birth control and patenting organic materials such as seeds and DNA samples. GroWorld at Burning Man 2000 consists of three parts: TransDimensional BioSphere, Growth Bunker, and Night Shadows. The TransDimensional BioSphere is a forest of electro-luminescent wire that comes alive as people interact with it. The Growth Bunker is a sheltered space, situated inside of the forest, with animations of growth triggered by presence of people and their movements. Night Shadows is a wall that captures participants’ shadows (at night) as they pass in front of the wall. Burning participants will be able to interact with all three installations.

groworld - Juice