Blancmange Cinema

This event is a part of FoAM’s yearly theme, “nourish.” The process of preparation, presentation and consumption of food, its related cultural rituals, and their informal breaking are used to achieve the synesthesia of sensual perception in responsive environments.

The French dessert Blancmange (“white dish”) has its roots in medieval times. Figuratively it means “nonsense” or “trivial matters.” Although reputed to be bland and unimaginative, white foods lend themselves to be painted like a blank canvas.

Structured as a slow-food event, Blancmange Cinema comprises a gastronomic, as well as cinematic experience. Food films are screened on an edible projection surface of white foods. Course after course, the films unfold on a changing table-top-landscape, dependent on the viewer/diner’s appetite. Blancmange Cinema offers a tasty critique on the idea of the sterile “white cube” gallery spaces where the “do not touch” art dogma still reigns. In our case, art is something to be consumed and internalised with gusto.


  • Digestible designers: Rasa Alksnyte, Pieter De Wel, Maja Kuzmanovic, Nat Muller 
  • Spatial design: Lina Kusaite, in collaboration with L’Anverre 
  • Media designers: Nik Gaffney, Maja Kuzmanovic 
  • Narrative design and text research: Maja Kuzmanovic, Nat Muller 

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