FoAM @ FuckUp Night

Two years ago FuckUp Nights started off as a hobby in Mexico City and it’s spreading rapidly around the world. FuckUp Nights is a global movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned and celebrated.

For the eighth edition of FuckUp Nights in Brussels, Antiheroes invited FoAM to share one of the biggest failures in our 15-year history. Maja Kuzmanovic will talk about Lyt_A, an ambitious technological arts project that nearly ruined the organisation and the people involved. Small disasters dogged the project throughout its lifespan, including exploding pneumatic muscles, unreliable collaborators, shady business practices, misplaced trust, toxic fumes and stubborn perseverance in the shadow of impossible architecture. Its bitter aftertaste still lingers at FoAM, where the word Lyt_A has become synonymous with “Warning: danger of life and limb”.

More info: here and here.