In order to increase personal and collective resilience of people working in the cultural sector, FoAM in Brussels ran a coaching programme from 2010 - 2015 in collaboration with Vali Lalioti ( Coaching is a powerful process that helps people achieve their full potential. It is a safe and non-judgmental partnership that uses trust and belief in people's own abilities to empower the coachee to find their own solutions to achieving their objectives. Coaching sessions are strictly confidential and the only information the coach can share externally is the dates and duration of sessions.

At FoAM, people can apply for 4-6 individual coaching sessions. The Coach guides the sessions through active listening, powerful questioning and reflecting back. This includes challenging assumptions and existing thought patterns, acting as a catalyst for new thinking. Coaching is also fun, creative and gives the coachee a positive and empowering view of the future. It is not about offering advice or solutions to particular problems or career challenges. Nor is it based on analysis of the past or the influences that formed people's character. It is the process of guiding the coachee to identify their own solutions to the challenges they face and focuses on their future. The focus is on helping people draw out their own best-fit solutions to achieving their goals and identifying any tools that help them do this. Coaching isn't easy. It could feel uncomfortable at times if it is to effectively challenge the assumptions and beliefs that stand between you and your full potential and be the catalyst for new thinking.

About the Coach

Vali Lalioti is an open, relaxed and insightful coach. She works with global executives, business schools, corporations and individuals and helps her clients take control of their future, deliver their full potential and take their organisations to a whole new level. Vali worked in Europe, the USA, Africa and China, holds a PhD and an MBA, and often works in bridging innovation and business. Vali is Professor of Antwerp Management School on Leadership . Design . Innovation and director of a London-based design and innovation consultancy, developing people’s potential to create new value and impact from innovation for businesses and the broader society. You can find more on Vali and her work on innovation and coaching here ( Vali is an executive coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and is a member of the EMCC and the Association for Coaching and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Manufactures (RSA).

Even though the formal coaching programme at FoAM Brussels has concluded, if you are interested in being coached by Vali, feel free to send a message with a short motivation to


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