The Art of Futuring

To kick off their research project The Futurology of Cooperation, Anna Czapski & Diederik Peeters invited Maja Kuzmanovic to give a lecture and lead a workshop, introducing and contextualising futures in the context of the arts.

The Art of Futuring. Unknown, unknowable & uncertain

The complex uncertainties of our times make engaging with futures increasingly challenging. What could encourage proactive engagement with these challenges? How can we learn to act in the present from the vantage point of possible futures? The various approaches to uncertainty found across the arts, design and futures studies offer some starting points. Speculative design and experiential futures point to tangible explorations of the possible, where “what if?” questions can be “pre-enacted” as experimental situations in the present. Where futures are iteratively imagined, tested, adapted and integrated into everyday experiences, as a continuous refinement of living in the long now.