201010 Toegepast Research Gathering

FoAM holds a research gathering at the Design Vlaanderen Gallery, in collaboration with Toegepast: Fit to Boost! (Design Vlaanderen and Design Platform Limburg) with Michaël Verheyden, designer (BE), and Rula Sayaf, Information Systems and Software Engineer (SY), Facilitated by Maja Kuzmanovic. The main question of the Toegepast Research Gathering is “What can we learn from interaction between traditional creative disciplines (such as crafts or dance) and innovation to make our works more sustainable?” To help answer this question, the guests present their works-in-progress, followed by a moderated conversation between the guests and the audience, “lubricated” with especially designed food and drinks.

The purpose of this session is to understand each other’s creative processes and the results we expect from them. We will be hearing from two Syrian artists and technologists and a Belgian designer, both working on the cusp between tradition and innovation. In addition to the Research Gathering, FoAM is present at the Toegepast: Fit to Boost! with a groWorld installation, as well as in the design of the food programme for “By Design for Design” and “Dream Team Dinners.”