Resilients Gatherings


Over two years of Resilients, we held a series of gatherings to share knowledge and experiences related to topics of resilience and atemporality. This post is an overview of all gatherings organised in Belgium, Austria and the UK.

FoAM organised a series of eight gatherings under the name Resilients Salons. The gatherings included presentations and conversations about topics related to resilience and long term thinking.

3 gatherings/lectures held at CSM as part of workshop 8: Christopher Brock, director of london food centre, chris brown, bio chemist university of cambridge, susan machugh, masters fo linen. During the case studies and residencies nadine organised several gatherings around topics and themes related to the artistic research of various artists.

The garden Wastl had three gatherings in the form of open garden days during which people were invited to explore the garden, residencies, and display methods that are used. The Family of Creatives residency related to the project Ceci est un magasin de vêtements gathered people around their research two times, one movie afternoon and one discussion afternoon. Buratinas was used during a public event in Brussels about old waterways in the city (Fête de l'eau) and served as a floating concert platform. The gatherings were always set up to inform an interested audience about topics related to the overall Resilients project in an informal set-up.

Three Workshop-gatherings took place at Time's Up, sharing and exchanging experience and learning and doing together. Two gatherings were made for the travelling gardeners, one dealing with building, the other with mobility. One gathering was held for Mushrooms and substrates in the Non Green Gardening series.êtementsêtements-watches-films