Resilients Salon with Julian Still

On Leadership and Crisis: Complexity, Emergence and Relationship Mapping

Julian Still leads us into the heart of complex systems, illustrating his voyages as systemic practitioner and his continuing mission to explore and help strange new worlds evolve. Julian will join us for an inspiring discussion on leading and coaching organisations through crisis. Emergence, relationship mapping and constellations will be investigated and explored both theoretically and tangibly.

Julian Still is COO when the impossible is required, green entrepreneur and systemics visionary. An expert in leadership and crisis, he leads, coaches and teaches organisations and individuals facing the most difficult situations.

Register and book your place for the Resilient Salon at The evening includes snacks and a drink, and will be €10.

Just before the Salon, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, Vali Lalioti facilitates a TryAdd with business coaches.

The event is organised in collaboration with Vali Lalioti and FoAM as part of the Resilients initiative.