Kate Rich

Kate Rich is a trade artist and feral economist, born in Australia and living in Bristol UK. She is co-founder of the Bureau of Inverse Technology (BIT), an international agency producing an array of critical information products including economic and ecologic indices, event-triggered webcam networks and animal operated emergency broadcast devices. Since 2003 she has run Feral Trade, a long-range economic experiment and underground freight network, utilising the spare carrying capacity of the art world to transport coffee, olive oil and other goods internationally. Kate is volunteer finance manager at Bristol's artist-run Cube Microplex, system administrator for the Irational.org art-server collective and a land-based member of the Sail Cargo Alliance, an assembly of traders, brokers and ship owners looking to revive the ancient art of running cargo on wind-propelled ships . Her ongoing preoccupation is to move deeper into the infrastructure of trade, administration, organisation and economy in the cultural realm.