Rethinking Food #2

FoAM, along with Artist Kate Rich, complicate the equation of food miles. This meal is prepared with products and ingredients freighted in from around the globe, in the spare luggage space of social and cultural travellers.

Feral Trade is a grocery business trading outside commercial systems. Goods hitchhike on top of other sources of movement, often using the art world as an energy source, harnessing the surplus freight potential of the many journeys logged by artists, curators and audiences to move grocery items intercity.

FoAM’s food team prepares, presents and reflects on meals in unexpected contexts and uncertain conditions. They scavenge ingredients and techniques from regional traditions around the world, as well as contemporary innovations in food science. For Burning Ice, they have sourced ingredients from the Feral Trade catalogue of goods, as well as FoAM’s international network of cultural travellers, to cook up a trans-local feast with ingredients carried in by friends visiting from Australia, the Balkans, Asia, Scandinavia and various European centres and peripheries.

This event is a part of the Burning Ice festival: