Fiesta de Maguey

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The Fiesta de Maguey consists of a gathering, an exhibition and a celebration. It is organised and hosted in collaboration with nadine vzw, as part of the project EITC - the Euroaxacan Initiative of Transformative Culture.

The gathering commences on Saturday, 24 November at 11:00 and focuses on the central themes of the Fiesta - corn and agave. Local experts and artists give an overview of the ancient, contemporary and possible future applications of these two plants. Mexican coordinator Patricia Tovar will open the gathering. Marco Antonio Vasquez gives a presentation on the mythical and symbolic aslpects of Agave and Corn, followed by a lecture by Georgina Wonchee from Talleres de Zegache. Four artists - Daniela Porras Perez and Pavel Scarubi from Oaxaca and Bartaku and Pacôme Beru from Europe - share experiences about their artistic practice, ongoing research and the collaboration process betweeen European and Mexican artists and artisans. 

At 13:30 Huemac Olivares plays tunes on instruments made from Maguey and other plants (Concierto El Maguey y otros Arbores). 

After a snack and an intervention by Kate Rich and Cube Cola, the exhibition is officially opened in the garden and the exhibition space of the Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca. In connection to EITC, artists from Oaxaca and Europe show their interpretations on the theme as an exhibition of works in the Ethnobotanic Garden of Oaxaca and its exhibition space.

On Sunday, November 25, the public intervention ends with a more informal celebration at Xicotencatl 1021A from 15:00 onwards with a meal featuring Maize and Maguey, prepared by Doña Maria. 

The exhibition Fiesta del Maize y Maguey is open from 26 November 2012 to 27 January 2013, Monday through Saturday 10:00 to 17:00. 

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Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca, Centro Cultural Santo Domingo, Reforma s/n esquina Constitución A.P. 367 , Oax. C.P. 68000 Oaxaca, Mexico
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