RADMIN - In Your Livelihood

1 a.m.
11 p.m.

RADMIN – In Your Livelihood – A Five Week Programme

What if we launch into the unknown and return with mystery – what do we encounter in-between?

RADMIN – In Your Livelihood is a guided and coached creative programme. It takes 4 hours per week, and is designed to equip you for active livelihood manoeuvres in complex times and emerging situations (now!).

This is a chance to employ the senses, observe your circumstances and mobilise your wits and whereabouts. RADMIN can help to alter ideas of self-determination, activate foreign or buried intellects and enter unexpected 'things' in your diary..

This programme is for individuals and organisations.

What to be ready for during RADMIN:

  • It happening all over the world, but you are not required to leave your own neighbourhoods.
  • To commit to 4 hours per week over 5 weeks, with additional pre- and post- production meetings.
  • A few fixed encounters, but RADMIN will work with individual scheduling needs.
  • Uncommon prompts, exercises and predicaments.
  • An unfolding set of personal, possibly cosmic activities.
  • Involvement with others, however online meetings with other participants are not required.
  • Solidarity and solitude, imagination and obstacles, patience and persistence.
  • Each activity to be a functional surprise and an tactile exploration.
  • Access to RADMIN facilitators Chiz Williams and Kate Rich each week.
  • Uncanny programme contributions from indoor/outdoor survival guide Heath Bunting, artist, farmer and boxing coach Grace Gamage, and others.
  • A lot to share and much to keep close.

In this iteration of RADMIN (see below for more background) we will learn through co-production, doing and undoing plus slow reflection. RADMIN will take its practitioners off the page and beyond the screen. Activities could include code-breaking, faith-based operations, ghostly encounters, caretaking, incendiary moments, special delivery systems, trap door operations, identity loss and restoration. Consider RADMIN as an opportunity to get out of your own patterns and into different ones, and to note what emerges.

Applications: We invite applications from anyone keen on RADMIN, including artists, agitators, community organisers, freelancers, small business operators, bookkeepers and educators, as well as those who slip or blur between these occupations. Small delegations from organisations and collectives are particularly welcome to apply and do RADMIN together.

Time commitment: 4 hours per week, from January 16th to February 20th 2024 (plus pre- and post- production meetings by negotiation).

Cost: Individuals - £185 for self-funded participants, £275 for those with access to workplace professional development funds. Organisations - £325 for small delegations (2-5 people) from an organisation or collective. If applying as a small delegation, please nominate one person who will be your single point of contact for RADMIN. Large groups of over 5 people: price by negotiation, please contact us at radmin@fo.am.

How to apply: Send a maximum of one A4 page summarising your practice of organising and your interest in RADMIN. Please also state your payment level (£185 self-funded individual / £275 workplace sponsored individual / £325 small delegation). Email your application to: radmin@fo.am. Applications will remain open so long as we have places to fill, until the cut-off point on midnight on 8th January 2024. All submissions will receive notice within 7 days of application. No one turned away for lack of funds.


It began at Bristol's Cube Cinema in 2019, as an invitation to all administrators (by which we mean everyone) to venture off grid and into new ways of thinking about admin. To date RADMIN has appeared in the shape of a festival (2019), a reader (2020), and several other reductions and reorientations. Its radical and delicate proposal is to reconsider administration as not just an infernal condition of life – a response to the endless stream of outside demands – but also a site for action and intervention, wild experiments, new connections and meaningful work.

For testimonals from RADMIN past events, see here.

Organisers: The thinking behind RADMIN merges influences and experiences from sport art, street art, net.art, trade art, systems thinking, DIY, survival skills, event coordination, tour management, accounts management, cinema operations, grant writing, social clubs, arts mentoring, feminist economics and (feral) business coaching. It is organised by Kate Rich & Chiz Williams whose paths have crossed at the edges of art and culture for the past 20 years, in places including the Cube Cinema Ltd, and at the RADMIN events to date.