Public Diet: Recipes for Disaster

Recipes for Disaster – a feasibility dinner for sustained sustenance… Artists, cultural organisations and members of the assorted cultural proletariat are invited to a potluck dinner and round table conversation on nutrition, catering and survival in the art world and the cultural sphere. From the early afternoon, FoAM’s cooks and guests will open the kitchen doors to our friends and peers from the cultural sector, to help us cook up a nutritious dinner and figure out what constitutes a Public Diet of artists and organisations in Belgium and abroad. Where do we source our materials? Do we cook? What do we cook for ourselves, and what for our guests and audiences? How is contemporary environmental, cultural and economic turbulence effecting our diets?

These and many other questions will be picked apart in an informal conversation over dinner. Kate Rich will introduce the topics and questions by presenting the findings from her research into the Public Diet of cultural organisations - where foods for thought and consumption might crossover - including nutrition suggestions and cooking techniques for the travelling artist, as well as stationary organisations. We will exchange experiences, sources, recipes and ideas, attempting to assure a sustained sustenance of the cultural world in times of increased turbulence. If you are interested in participating, please write to before the 10 November 2008.