Made in collaboration with Aphex Twin, the midimutant learns how to program your dx7 synth so you don't have to.


Sphaerae is a semitransparent portable pavilion for synaesthetic compositions, new imaginaries and transdisciplinary experimentation. Sphaerae can touch down on uncharted territories making temporary ecosystems with fragile and complex atmospheric conditions as an instrument to explore the phenomena of light, sound and movement.

Open Sauces

Open Sauces is a collection of projects, writings and events related to sharing of food, food culture and food systems. Although their format might change, these activities all combine tasting, socialising and learning. Open Sauces brings together people interested in both environmental and cultural and scientific and systemic aspects of cooking, eating and sharing food. We come together in members’ kitchens, in labs, studios and public spaces, keeping the source ...


The groWorld initiative brings together three “forces” capable of transforming the world on human and ecological scales: culture, gardening and technology. These three strands of inquiry inform and support each other, aiming to forge new symbiotic relationships between postindustrial human societies and the rest of the earth.

Mongoose 2000

A behavioural research tool for use in remote areas lacking reliable internet connectivity or power. Developed for the Banded Mongoose Research Project at Exeter University for use in their field site in Uganda, Mongoose 2000 uses a Raspberry Pi to synchronise behavioral observation data across multiple Android tablets used for daily recording of mongoose behaviour.

The Farm Crap App

A sustainable agriculture project designed to help farmers make the most of their manure (slurry, farmyard manure and poultry litter). It's a smartphone app which contains 3 components; the calculator, the image library (to which you can add your own photos), and the record sheets. The calculator determines the amount of crop-available key nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) within the manure at different spreading rates helping you decide how much to ...

Transgenerational learning encounters

FoAM's transgenerational activities focus on complex cultural issues, emergent technologies, and traditional crafts by co-creating learning platforms for knowledge exchange. The aim is to broaden participants' understanding of the context in which they work, live and play, as well as to provide them with useful practical skills. We investigate different educational models to find new ways of alternative learning.

Advice Centre

We are keen to share a very broad and diverse base of knowledge, experience, and contacts accumulated during a decade of fruitful growth and expansion. Our fields of inquiry are highly transdisciplinary, so questions about how to connect anything to anything else can probably be answered by someone in FoAM's network. Our advice centre can offer anything from a short conversation to several mentoring sessions, and if we can’t answer ...

Research Gatherings

FoAM in Brussels holds regular gatherings for collaborators and researchers in residence to present and discuss their work in progress, in an informal setting. The gatherings are also open to researchers who are not involved with FoAM, but are working in similar fields.