Bee Diaspora - a swarm in five movements

‘Bee Diaspora’ is a joint contribution between architect and artistic researcher Anna Maria Orrù together with poet and sound Artist Morten Søndergaard. The proposal is a philosophical and theoretical presentation of sustainable urban living overlapped into an artistic composition and translation of swarm-intelligence and soundscapes.

Clearwing Butterfly Citizen Science Game

The Clearwing Butterfly game is a citizen science experiment we have developed with Mónica Arias, Doris Gomez and Marianne Elias at the Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive (CEFE) and Institut de l’information scientifique et technique in France.

Random Forests

For millions of years making sense of the environment was the domain of biological organisms, but now machines are starting to join in. This research programme looks at what the arrival of AI could mean for landscapes and non-human inhabitants. What are fundamental ingredients for environmental literacy and how could these be made accessible to an AI?

Machine Wilderness

This programme is aimed at reimagining what robotics could mean in functionality, materiality and ecology, when they are designed as expressions based on habitats and trophic interactions. What would the creative process look like? Machine Wilderness is a project prototyping artificial organisms as functional agents within biomes and landscapes, actively contributing to biodiversity.

Dust & Shadow soundwalk

The Dust & Shadow soundwalk is an experiment in attunement to an urban desert environment through diverse forms of listening. Walking in silence through the Sonoran dust in the shadow of civilisation, the walkers may begin to hear the murmur of matter, uncover desert refugia amidst urban life, and forge new connections with the unexpected.

Power of the mud

Power of the Mud is an experiment designed to both explore the potential of home-made microbial fuel cells for powering small domestic or artistic devices and genuinely trigger curiosity from various audiences.


Made in collaboration with Aphex Twin, the midimutant learns how to program your dx7 synth so you don't have to.


Sphaerae is a semitransparent portable pavilion for synaesthetic compositions, new imaginaries and transdisciplinary experimentation. Sphaerae can touch down on uncharted territories making temporary ecosystems with fragile and complex atmospheric conditions as an instrument to explore the phenomena of light, sound and movement.

Open Sauces

Open Sauces is a collection of projects, writings and events related to sharing of food, food culture and food systems. Although their format might change, these activities all combine tasting, socialising and learning. Open Sauces brings together people interested in both environmental and cultural and scientific and systemic aspects of cooking, eating and sharing food. We come together in members’ kitchens, in labs, studios and public spaces, keeping the source ...


The groWorld initiative brings together three “forces” capable of transforming the world on human and ecological scales: culture, gardening and technology. These three strands of inquiry inform and support each other, aiming to forge new symbiotic relationships between postindustrial human societies and the rest of the earth.