Voice of Nature: THE TRIAL

The voice of nature is a site-specific court piece, in which we investigate ecocide and the possibilities of creating a new proposal for the justice- system as an answer to the current vacuum in the environmental crime system. We are experimenting with the interconnectedness of a conventional court, restorative justice and transformative processes as a away to unveil the hidden stories of traumatic environments and its correlation to colonialism and ...

Cricket Tales

Cricket tales is a citizen science project, developed in collaboration between foam and the Wild Crickets researchers. By tagging events in the cricket CCTV videos, players contribute directly to research which will determine how cricket personalities might affect their ability to cope with climate change.

Machine Wilderness

This programme is aimed at reimagining what robotics could mean in functionality, materiality and ecology, when they are designed as expressions based on habitats and trophic interactions. What would the creative process look like? Machine Wilderness is a project prototyping artificial organisms as functional agents within biomes and landscapes, actively contributing to biodiversity.

Spectres in change

Spectres in change is an artistic investigation reflecting on acute planetary challenges of the present against complex historical trajectories, on the island of Seili in the Archipelago Sea. Several artists and collectives, including FoAM Earth, develop long-term research-based projects that take the myriad questions raised by the island context as their starting point.

Sonic Kayaks

The Sonic Kayak is a musical instrument with which to investigate nature. Kayaks rigged with underwater environmental sensors generate live music from the marine world, providing the paddler with an extra dimension of senses with which to explore the underwater climate, while enabling citizens to gather important climate/environmental data.

Behaving genes

Together with Seirian Sumner at University College London, we are developing an open source game that will allow people to build their own wasp society. Players can toy with the limits of biology and test the resilience of their wasp social structures when environmental catastrophes hit.

Dust & Shadow soundwalk

The Dust & Shadow soundwalk is an experiment in attunement to an urban desert environment through diverse forms of listening. Walking in silence through the Sonoran dust in the shadow of civilisation, the walkers may begin to hear the murmur of matter, uncover desert refugia amidst urban life, and forge new connections with the unexpected.

Power of the mud

Power of the Mud is an experiment designed to both explore the potential of home-made microbial fuel cells for powering small domestic or artistic devices and genuinely trigger curiosity from various audiences.


How can we make tools that help understand the ancient weaver's mind? How she calculated and solved the first recorded mathematical proofs, embedding them in pattern. How do certain forms of technology define our relationship with the world? For the Greeks of antiquity, weaving was the fundamental link to the cosmos. Today we use computational structures to reason about ourselves and our society, our CPUs replicating the pattern manipulating circuits ...


Made in collaboration with Aphex Twin, the midimutant learns how to program your dx7 synth so you don't have to.