Invisible Worlds Residency 2019

The 2019 Invisible Worlds Residency is open to all artists, scientists, creators and makers, to explore phenomena beyond our senses: too vast, too small, too fast, too slow or too far away in space or time. The call is now closed, and the resident will be announced shortly.

Spectres in change

Spectres in change is an artistic investigation reflecting on acute planetary challenges of the present against complex historical trajectories, on the island of Seili in the Archipelago Sea. Several artists and collectives, including FoAM Earth, develop long-term research-based projects that take the myriad questions raised by the island context as their starting point.

Cricket Tales

Cricket tales is a citizen science project, developed in collaboration between FoAM and the Wild Crickets researchers. By tagging events in the cricket CCTV videos, players contribute directly to research which will determine how cricket personalities might affect their ability to cope with climate change.

Dust & Shadow

Dust and shadow is FoAM's contribution to a transdisciplinary research and residency programme exploring environmental issues specific to the desert of the North-American Southwest. We combine philosophical inquiry with speculative design and action research to explore divergent approaches to desertification (both ecological and cultural), zombie-utopias, panpsychism, beyond-human relationships and probabilistic future preparedness.

Institute for Experiments with Business

The Institute for Experiments with Business (Ibex) is an emergent research entity, situated within the FoAM network. Its exploratory purpose is to collect, conduct and report on experiments in and with business, including new and wild takes on organisational staples such as budgets, contracts, organisational form, business mentoring and the business plan.

Art in the Kitchen

Art in the Kitchen (Kunst in de Keuken) is a series of workshops where young and old create artworks using edible materials, cooking technologies and recycling.

Bee Diaspora - a swarm in five movements

‘Bee Diaspora’ is a joint contribution between architect and artistic researcher Anna Maria Orrù together with poet and sound Artist Morten Søndergaard. The proposal is a philosophical and theoretical presentation of sustainable urban living overlapped into an artistic composition and translation of swarm-intelligence and soundscapes.


Resonances is a series of sonic propositions. Listening to the sounds of the Earth unfolding at different timescales. Attuning to matter in its myriad forms and flows. Paying attention to a multitude of voices, omnipresent but often too quiet to notice amidst the noise of human activity. We explore places where these quiet multitudes can still be heard and interlace disparate voices into new sonic yarns.


In this project we ask - what determines the ability of a virus to infect some hosts but not others? Working with evolutionary biologist Ben Longdon, we're developing a citizen science project using visual programming, craft, tangible interfaces and games to explore virus host shifts – where a virus jumps from one host species to another.