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PARN: Physical and Alternate Reality Narratives

The central focus of the project PARN (Physical and Alternate Reality Narratives) has ben dealing with the possibilities and problems of creating, presenting and representing narratives in physical space. Storytelling is a fundamental human capacity and is widespread in a variety of cultural forms as well as being one of the ways in which, according to many researchers of learning and awareness, we make sense of the world as we experience and reflect it. As the poet Simon Ortiz puts it: 'there are no truths, only stories.' This volume is intended to summarise the experiences of the project partners in the wide range of activites that took place during the PARN project.

Author(s) nik gaffney, Maja Kuzmanovic, FoAM, Tina Finnas, Cocky Eek, Alkan Chipperfield, Adrian Hon, Heath Bunting, Honor Harger, Martin Howse, Tim Boykett, Time's Up, Tina Auer, Matt Wieteska, blast theory, Lighthouse, Six to Start, Paola Orlic
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