Heath Bunting

Heath Bunting has exhibited, performed and taught internationally for over 25 years. As a young adult, he undertook a three year apprenticeship in stained glass. http://www.irational.org/heath/stained_glass, After this, Heath spent several years roaming both Bristol and London as a street artist as-well as distributing thousands of art-works via postal and fax networks. http://irational.org/heath/fly_poster_graffiti. During the rise of the internet, he was a key participant of the net.art movement. Within this time he founded irational.org. http://www.irational.org/heath/_readme.html. He has setup and run multiple radio transmission and listening stations internationally. He has worked as staff at The Banff Centre for the Arts (three years) and The Cube Cinema (eight years). In his current work, The Status Project, uses artificial intelligence to search for artificial life in both societal and natural systems. http://status.irational.org. Heath regularly runs artist's training workshops in artist resilience. http://irational.org/heath/out-door_survival