Luminous Green Symposium 2007

The Symposium brought together a number of individuals seeking serendipitous encounters between those who may not often come in contact with each other. It was designed to compare, contrast and reflect on the various approaches to issues in which environmental sustainability and cultural values are deeply entangled.

People with access to any form of mass media are well aware of the acceleration of environmental and social instabilities – these discussions have finally penetrated the mainstream and currently even considered “fashionable” – engaging not only environmentalists, but also policy makers, business leaders, concerned celebrities and community groups.

However, understanding and the willingness to do something about these issues are still far from ubiquitous. Apathy and paralysis among the general public and expert communities has as much to do with the way the issues are presented and communicated, as the lack of clear and readily available alternatives. What we all need is inspired action supported by critical reflection, visible results and fertile initiatives, on every scale and through all fields of human activity. No one can consider themselves too small, or too conservative, or too isolated.

Interdisciplinary, multicultural, trans-local – we believe that the alliances and networks that will be best equipped to deal with the current global instabilities are unexpected couplings of people with divergent interests, who can work as equal partners, able to respect and learn from each other, regardless of their specific cultural, professional or social backgrounds. Luminous Green is one of the places in which we hope such alliances can be formed.