FoAM digest - Autumn 02019

Hello Earthlings, and welcome to another of FoAM's semi-seasonal digests, composed with beings, places and things we care about. We write as humans (mostly) in a beyond-human world, continuing to seek alternatives to the tenacious (yet crumbling) status quo, engaging with people, cultures and technologies across the fickle currents of time. 

Spectres in Change. Fieldnotes #2

Reflections on landing and leaving as artistic practices, based on our fieldnotes from the island of Seili in the Archipelago sea. How to land in a place is a perpetual question for those of us who live and work nomadically or trans-locally. Landing could be seen as a ritual beginning with a place and those who call it home.

Composing with birds

I have become fascinated with birdsong as a way to learn music and train my ears. Though very complex and nuanced, birdsong remains accessible and inclusive, whereas contemporary music can be much less so. In this blog post I look back at my recent compositions where I attempt to combine the two...

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