Herinneringen aan Smoke & Vapour

Het begon al nog voor we binnen waren: aan de ingang van de zwaar metalen voordeur rookte de wierook. Eens binnen lieten we onze handen in geurig lauwwarm water glijden, waarna we ze tussen de plooien van een stijf gestoomd wit damasten tafellaken te drogen konden leggen...


FoAM Newsletter Winter 02013

While we contemplate slowing down and revaluing silence as the northern hemisphere descends into wintry hibernation, it's time look back on FoAM's bustling activities over the last months as well as look forward to what the new year brings. Travels, talks, workshops, celebrations, residencies (punctuated by copious EC reporting and accounting) -- there’s been much interesting ferment (and fermentation). Some things are simmering down, more is bubbling up, and there's ...

Creating Smoke & Vapour

Looking back at the ideas and processes involved in creating Smoke & Vapour, a synaesthetic degustation dinner served at FoAM in Brussels in November 2013. From sound to taste, co-creation and mindfulness, cooking and designing a flow, this post provides an insider's view of FoAM's transdisciplinary kitchen (literally and figuratively).




Parnidžio Kopa

Parnidžio Kopa, Nida, 19–20 November 2013

One of the major tourist attractions near Nida Art Colony is the Parnidžio Kopa. Human pressure on vegetation at the site is quite visible, along with the marks left by wild boar. As an exercise in naturalistic landscaping, I set out to make some of the human traces invisible by restoring the worn out vegetation to something approaching a more 'untouched' appearance.



Closeup view during the ...

Lies Declerck over grenzen, werk en familieresidenties

Ik las onlangs dat we grenzen vaak benaderen als iets wat dingen van elkaar scheidt, maar dat je er evengoed naar kunt kijken als iets wat dingen met elkaar verbindt. Ik wil het hier liever hebben over grenzen als connector dan als obstakel. Ik wil het over grenzen hebben als iets wat iets mogelijk maakt en dat 'iets' is 'het andere'.

Assisted migration

The Neringa peninsula is a narrow strip of dunes between the Baltic sea and the Curonian Lagoon. In November and December 2013 I was there for the Techno-ecologies residency at Nida Art Colony. The region has a particularly longstanding and dynamic history of ecological restoration. My proposal was to research this history and current thinking on landscape restoration as an aesthetic practice. A lichen specimen found at the Spanish village of Pereiraboa during ...

Smoke & Vapour Menu

With only a week left before Smoke & Vapour, we are delighted to share our menu with you. It contains seasonal ingredients supplied by local farmers and foragers, blended with produce brought from our homelands and other recent FoAM travels. Having slowly but surely taken shape, the menu below hints at the smoky, misty garden of earthly delights that will envelop you on the evening of the 22nd of November ...

Practical Utopias

Designed as a site-specific reality game inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s World Game simulation, Practical Utopias aimed to be a reflection of the desire to change our current society by developing more or less practical alternatives. Together with Tim Boykett and Tina Auer of Time’s Up (the coordinators of Future Fabulators), we embarked on the summit not quite knowing what to expect but excited to be collaborating with our fellow practical ...

Biochymickal Arts (notes and references)

The Biochymickal Arts workshop resulted in a voluminous and multifarious stream of notes, images, plastics, pickles, cultures, gestures, fragments, curious digressions, partial examinations and open questions – some of which can be found in the following links.

Biochymickal Arts (day three)


Day three of the Biochymickal Arts workshop led us to improvise and speculate on closing waste loops with biomaterials, alternative approaches to intelligent biological systems, and the politics of DIY biology in a post-biopunk era. More detailed notes can be found on the libarynth.

Biochymickal Arts (day two)


The second day of the Biochymickal Arts workshop found us discussing and exploring the often tacit languages and gestures of fermentation and their many "cultures" across environments and habitats, as well as fermentation and metabolism, essence and code. Detailed notes can be found on the libarynth.

Obstinate lump: a microresidency in dough

Both of us (Bridget Currie and Chloe Langford) had independently used dough in varying forms in our artistic practices before our microresidency at FoAM. Chloe had mostly used salt doughs without yeast, and Bridget had explored commercial yeast and sourdough. Our interest in working together sprang from shared ideas about dough as a medium: dough resists neatness and control; an aesthetic of the unmade, lumpen and formless. It is an ...

Smoke & Vapour

We beginnen langzaam aan met de voorbereidingen voor Smoke & Vapour. We experimenteren met warm en koud roken in de Big Green Egg en The Smoking Gun, lezen over de geschiedenis van de barbecues en mythes over stoomgeesten, brainstormen over de inhoud en vorm van het diner.  Smoke & Vapour wordt een proefavond waar een speciaal ontworpen menu van kleine gerechten op een verrassende manier gecombineerd wordt met geïmproviseerde ...

Looking back at Improving Reality

Last week Nik and I travelled to Brighton, UK for Improving Reality, a conference exploring the question: "How are artists, technologists and writers subverting our notion of reality?" This year's focus was on the systems and infrastructures that shape our world, as well as reimagining realities of the near and far future. The day was filled with thought-provoking concepts, projects and critiques of the status quo. For both Nik and me the conference was ...

De oogst van een kookresidentie

Hoe valt een week huisvrouw spelen te rijmen met 'kunst'? Dat heb ik me gedurig afgevraagd. Voor ik moeder werd, beschouwde ik 'alles huishoudelijk' (koken incluis) als te banaal en te rolbevestigend om er tijd aan te verspillen. Ik heb geschreven, getekend, gefotografeerd, video-installaties gemaakt en ge'performed', tentoonstellingen geconcipieerd – en nu ik voor een kunstenaarsresidentie word uitgenodigd, ga ik… koken?!

Sphaerae, Total Recall, Future Fabulators, Improving Reality

The first week of September seems to be filled with grandiose titles at FoAM. We invite you to join us for Improving Reality in Brighton, Total Recall in Linz and/or follow our activities of Future Fabulators, a new collaborative project exploring the interstices between future studies and narrative.

Generous generalists

Lies and Adriaan Declerck were a Family in Residence at FoAM Brussels for a week in August and have offered us a new experience: the residents come to FoAM with a specific purpose to get to know us better and to 'serve' us by cooking lunches for a week (inspired by the Greek term leitourgia that originally meant 'servant'). Lies wanted to explore what it would be like to be ...

Sphaerae lichtgewicht paviljoen

Hoe zou het zijn om te worden ondergedompeld in een omgeving van pure perceptie, waarin al je zintuigen worden geprikkeld? Een ruimte die de scheidslijn tussen binnen en buiten laat vervagen, een vorm waar de omgeving en het menselijke een worden? In Sphaerae ontmoeten kunst, wetenschap, natuur, filosofie, en de alledaagsheid in elkaar. Zo ontstaat er een zone die nieuwe verbeeldingen stimuleert. Sphaerae is een lichtgewicht draagbaar paviljoen.

Resilients Gatherings

Over two years of Resilients, we held a series of gatherings to share knowledge and experiences related to topics of resilience and atemporality. This post is an overview of all gatherings organised in Belgium, Austria and the UK.