Legal Identity for Trees workshop

Our starting point: we are dependent on trees for our survival, even as the ongoing global process of rapid extinction continues apace. What does it mean to integrate trees as legal entities in our social systems, and how can we proceed with this?

Field Trip: New Mexico

Hat Shop

Hat shop in Albuquerque.

New Mexico is quite an odd place, as its associated symbols show: indians, cacti, aliens, gambling, balloons, missile tests and the atom bomb… After ISEA we take some time to investigate this machine wilderness further. Some key observations: a) In a landscape this vast, national politics are a distant abstraction. b) Geological processes can be very tangible. c) Deserts are amazingly biodiverse. d) Hamburgers can be haute cuisine. e) To indigenous …

Stevie Wishart performs in the Vatican

FoAM was prominently represented in the Vatican last Sunday, XXVII Sunday of Ordinary Time, when composer and performer Stevie Wishart, accompanied by her ensemble, Sinfonye, were invited to perform at Holy Mass in St Peter’s Square whilst His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI presided over the solemn concelebration of the XIII Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelisation.

Aniziz and Zizim

The online component of the Borrowed Scenery project is an experiment in geotagging plants and plant-related locations via a website/app called Zizim (the Compass), combined with a multiplayer online game called Aniziz (the Soil) where you can interact with the plants people have found. Having spent the last couple of months developing them, they are now ready for a more open beta-testing phase.

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