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t* series

The environments of the t*series are immersive hybrid realities, or responsive “play spaces.” They are designed for full-body interaction of human participants with “irreal” responsive worlds. TGarden, txOom and TRG - the three distinct groups of environments within the series - are technologically enhanced spaces that encourage playful explorations of physical and digital surroundings, as well as fluid dialogues between people, materials and media.

These environments change over time, influenced by their internal processes and interactions with their temporary inhabitants. The environments respond to activities occurring within them, through digital media (e.g. sound modulation, ambient lighting and computer graphics) and physical structures (active materials, soft walls and pliant costumes). Discrete gestures, for instance, cause local “disturbances”; the accumulated actions of larger groups over time cause slow changes in the atmosphere. As in a natural ecosystem, localised events have an effect on larger patterns.

The changes in social atmosphere during an experience implicitly change the environment, often in unexpected ways – an individual explorer playing the space as an instrument; or a small group of friends rushing through the space, flooding it with speckled light; or children digging through patterns of sound, telling unexpected stories. By combining explicit and hinted transformations, responsive environments can begin to feel “life-like”; adaptive, autonomous and evolving.


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