On Transient Realities and Their Generators


This publication represents the distillation of one intensive yearโ€™s work on the Transient Reality Generators project, a distillation built of several angled slices through the events, projects and inspirations that made this project possible. From philosophical underpinnings to anthropological analysis, from recipes for good food through to abstracted ponderings of the fundamental structure of the universe, all these aspects and many more can be found here. The Transient Reality Generators project grew from several parallel discussions about short-, middle- and long-term, lived-in, reactive, co-structured real world environments, storytelling and game playing, perception, action and fantasy. The two main results that arose in this project are the Sensory Circus from Timeโ€™s Up and trg (from the Slovenian word โ€œtrgโ€ meaning public plaza or square) from FoAM.