A Futurist's Fieldguide

A Futurist's Fieldguide is a workbook and manual for people interested in experimenting with futures techniques in practice. The guide presents a range of approaches to thinking and talking about as well as prototyping the future. In particular, we focus on participatory and experiential methods that can be used in unpredictable settings. One of the central concerns is how and why 'futures' can provide useful methods for increasing agency, developing a futures literacy, improving understanding of complex issues, encouraging co-creation of our collective futures, or becoming more insightful inhabitants of the long now.

Type: Container
Year: 2015
Authors: FoAM

Resilients Handbook

On these pages you can find the reflections and working notes of the Resilients, people who imagine possible futures and prototype them as artistic experiments in living and working environments. We transform the concept of resilience into concrete practice by designing experimental social structures and situations and stress-testing them in real-life labs – our case studies in possible futures.

Type: Container
Year: 2013
Authors: FoAM

gRigging container

The gRigging Container is a collection of self-published materials by all gRig partners – books, catalogues, booklets & readers, CDs and DVDs, in a sustainably sourced canvas bag.

Type: Container
Year: 2009
Authors: FoAM , nadine , Time's Up , Kibla , Performing Pictures , Intermedia UIO
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