Shelbatra Jashari

Shelbatra is a mirroring and veiled interface-prgrm on biological fuel, always here to give you a hand, lend you an ear or function as an intermediary for communication between the outside universe and the emerging worlds from your own growings and findings.

Being as curious as can be in terms of pursuing lifepaths and missions, she's a vessel for multiple character designs and functions, evolving into a mechanical and technical DIY researcher of visual representation, movement, music,film, hard/software, travel, cuisine. anything old, anything new. anything borrowed, anything blue. and every form forgotten between culture and nature. considering the golden brick road between theory and practice.

Often experimenting with the possibility that the brain is a vessel for any fluid that is poured into it and that then will take it's form. taking a long time to reap the seeds of past lives and to flower further than we see into the future. confronting growth of character with growth of the heart and having fun in observing this battle in everyday situations. Often hiding, only to make it more interesting when finding oneself or others.

Mixing leisure with pleasure, mirrors with treasures, diamonds with pearls glowing a big smile in front of obstacles/demons and transforming all into peace, figuring balancing acts between all of the extremes imaginable believing the unbelievable, considering that getting lost is just another opportunity to being found.

When things don't fit, I am convinced, one can still figure out how to make them blink. Looking for possibilities in the dark is just as important as believing that all actions in life should be infused with the help of little bit of magic and (esthetic or non-esthetic) beauty.